This Little Piggy Went to Market

“This little piggy went to market.  This little piggy stayed home…”  Over the weekend my baby son experienced some brutal wounds to both of his big piggies.  While running full speed ahead, little Ethan went airborn and somehow managed to drag both of his big toes over concrete in the process.  The result- two big piggies that appeared as though they had been run through a meat grinder.  It looked like this.


One thought on “This Little Piggy Went to Market

  1. Jennifer, Ethan’s toes make me cringe. I know how badly that hurts, poor little guy. Ask Shane if he remembers my little piggy story. He and Chris (who had been riding bikes much longer than I had and had mastered the brakes) rode their bikes down the boat ramp in Lewisport. Not wanting to be out done by any stinky old boy, this 5 yr old girl, with pig tails flapping in the wind, followed them down the boat ramp, too. Only problem was, I didn’t know how to use the brakes. After my Fred Flintstone attempt at a stop, I just turned my bike into the rocks and came to a crashing stop. All my piggies looked like Ethan’s. Needless to say, I didn’t follow Chris and Shane around on the bike much after that. I hope everyone is doing well (sore toes and all). Hugs from Lewisport. Jenny

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