We’ve Got the Grumpies

Waaaaaa. Grrrrrr.  Boo Hiss.  Waaaaaa. We’ve all got a case of the grumpies.  Ethan has been sick and miserable for about a week now.  It’s too hot to play outside.  It’s too cramped inside .  One is too noisy, the other is too aggressive.  One wants to argue, the other wants to fight.  Shane has had to be the enforcer today with discipline.  I’ve tried to hush the crying, nagging, fighting.  At this point, I am readily giving the stink eye to anyone who comes near me.  The pinnacle of the discontent came right before dinner when 2 wet little boys were running inside and out, leaving streams of water all through the house, leaving the kitchen door open and filling the house with lots of hot air and icky flies. Somehow we managed to get through dinner without coming to blows.   Then, while scraping the dinner plates a little while later my dear husband says to me “That was the best spaghetti I have ever eaten.”  Out came the stink eye.  How dare he give me a compliment on a day like today!


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