Our New Neighbor

We got up this morning to find a bird’s nest in our hanging basket on the front porch. We haven’t met the new neighbors yet, but hope to very soon.  The boys are very excited about finding this and keeping peeking out the window to see if anyone has arrived.  If that bird knows what’s good for her, she’ll hire Two Men and a Truck and find a new address pronto.  My boys are planning on making frequent visits to the nest to see what is going on up there. 

Ms. Mary and the boys Oct. 2009

This spring one of our neighbors, Ms. Mary, had a nest on her front porch with 4 little eggs inside.  The boys had to visit every day to see if the babies had hatched.  They couldn’t believe what the baby birds looked like once they came out of the eggs.  They even had the pleasure of being on Ms. Mary’s front porch when the first baby bird flew away.  It was a very exciting time here on North Hoskins Ave.


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