The Missions Box

Missions Box

There is a container under my bed that no one is permitted to open.  I have carried it with me since right after my very first international mission trip in 1997.  It contains little treasures that I have picked up during my travels around the globe.  None of them are expensive but all of them have great sentimental value. 

The box has traveled to all my homes.  From my dorm room at Eastern Kentucky University, to my parents home in Williamsburg, KY, to my multiple homes in Fort Worth, TX, to my multiple homes in Alexandria, KY, to my current home in Campbellsville, KY, the box has gone with me everywhere.  Shane learned long ago that he is not allowed to open it and my kids won’t even try.  It stays sealed up and tucked away safe under my bed. 

Missions Box Annex

Over the years the box became overfilled so I had to develop a missions box annex.  The annex itself is a treasure that I also picked up during my travels.  It is much too beautiful to hide away under my bed so it sits in my livingroom.   The kids are allowed to go near this one but they know they are not free to open it and plunder unless mommy says it’s okay.

Every now and then I get the box  (or the annex) out and open it.  When the kids see this happen they gather around and ask lots of questions.  Shane even sneaks a peak into the box during those times in hopes of solving the mystery of what glory must be contained in the box. 

The next series of posts will give the world a glimpse into my missions box.  I hope you enjoy taking a peek at the treasures it holds and hearing a good old  tale about the land that each treasure came from.


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