A Treasure From El Salvador

Wall hanging from El Salvador

While in college I was part of a construction ministry team to El Salvador, where the above wall hanging came from.  The wall hanging lived in the Box once upon a time but now it hangs in my garage.  This trip has proven to be the most important mission trip I have ever taken.  I brought something home from this trip that I treasure more than anything. 

My most important treasure  has never been placed inside the Missions Box.  It won’t fit.  I will never part with it and it is completely irreplaceable.  Can you guess what it could be?

Me with my most important missions treasure.

That’s right.   My sweet husband is the treasure that I picked up while doing ministry in El Salvador.   He was doing ministry there too, on the same team as me.  We did not know each other prior to this trip but we had the pleasure of sitting next to one another on the plane ride over.  We had an instant connection.  While in country, we worked together side by side every day.  From morning till evening we sat together under a tree  and bent rebar into little triangles.  We bent a lot of rebar!  We each kept a rebar souviner from the trip and they are now connected and displayed in our house. 

"Love triangles"- Rebar from El Salvador mission trip



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