Rocks From the Mountain


Territory of Mt. Sinai

Mt. Sinai- so much biblical history unfolded here. In fact, many of my favorite stories from the Old Testament took place while the Israelites were wandering around in this territory.

 In 2000, I had the opportunity to visit Mt. Sinai.  It was breathtaking.  The land is vast and rugged.  There were spots of green here and there where some plant life had struggled to survive through the parched earth.  I’d look at those little plants and wonder “How on earth is that living here?”  I developed a whole new appreciation for the stuggle Moses and the Israelites must have experienced while wandering in this land for 40 years.  I also developed a new understanding of what kind of dependance on God they must have embraced in order to survive in such harsh surroundings.  Not only were the Israelites in danger of falling prey to many of their adversaries while they were wandering, they were also in danger of falling prey to the land itself. 

St. Catherines Monastery at the base of Mt. Sinai.

While at Sinai, we visited St. Catherines Monestary.  The monestary is located just at the base of the mountain and boasts to have the actual burning bush.  There were lots of interesting things to see inside the monestary but the most striking thing I noticed while inside was the mere presence or acknowledgement of the things of God.  You’d think if you were traveling in such “holy” territory the things of God would be undeniably present but this was not the case.  It wasn’t until I was inside the monestary and my eyes began to drink in the biblical figures portrayed in its artwork that I became aware of how absent the Sinai had been of the history our holy God has with this place.  But one thing is for sure. When I stood on top of the mountain and looked out there was no lack of amazement of the power of the God I serve.  It was an awesome moment. 

Rocks from Mt. Sinai

These are some rocks I picked up from the top of the mountain.  I wonder if any of these rocks had the honor of being exposed to the presence of God when He descended on top of the mountain and spent time with Moses.  I wonder if maybe one of these rocks could have once been part of that cleft in the rock where God placed Moses so he could survive being in the all powerful presence of God Himself.  While I don’t know if these rocks were on top of the mountain at that time, I recognize that they could have been.  They could have been exposed to the physical presence of God. That’s what they represent to me- His presence.  Looking at these little rocks helps me to remember that He is ever present, that He has loved mankind from the beginning and that He desires to dwell with His creation.


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