Oh Toothless One

Missing a tooth

Oh the excitement!  Isaac lost his first tooth today.  He pulled it all by himself! 

It couldn’t have happened at a better moment.  The boy cousins were here for a visit and while playing with them in the front yard Isaac just reached in his mouth and pulled that loose tooth right out.   He came darting across the yard squeeling with delight and holding that little tooth up high. 

I think he wanted to be like like his older cousin Ben, who is an expert in having teeth pulled.  He is a whole year older, after all.

Before the cousins were even out of the driveway, Isaac was running from house to house in our neighborhood, telling everyone about the big event.  We watched him from the yard running around sharing his news.  We could see him opening up wide for everyone all the way from our front porch.

The snaggle teeth two.

He has asked about a hundred questions about the tooth fairy in the last couple of hours and just can’t wait to see what is under his pillow in the morning.  I hope I don’t have to pry that tooth out of his little hand while he sleeps tonight.  What are the chances that he will actually leave it under his pillow?

 Oh how excited my sweet boy was over pulling that cute little tooth!  He is just so proud to finally be a part of the big kid club and right before he starts kindergarden.  According to him, life just doesn’t get any better than this.

What a moment!


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