Faith Like a Child

Fluffy and Fabio enjoying a book on the boys first day of school.

What can you learn about God from a tiny stuffed monkey?  Lots.
One of Isaac’s most treasured posessions, Fluffy, recently turned up missing.  We looked for him for a few weeks but we just couldn’t find him.  Isaac was becoming more upset by the day.  We cleaned every inch of his bedroom but no monkey was there.  We searched the rest of the house, the yard, the trees in the yard (yes, sometimes he ends up in the trees) and the vehicles. Fluffy was lost. Good and lost.  The kind of lost that you don’t come back from.  I didn’t have the heart to tell little Isaac that he would probably never see Fluffy again, but that is what I thought. 
A few days ago after we had once again turned the house upside down looking for Fluffy, Isaac took another course of action to solve the problem.  “Mommy,” he said “I am going to pray to God and ask Him to show me where Fluffy is and I am going to trust Him.”  I was pretty blown away by such a mature statement but I have learned not to be suprised at such things.  I told him I thought it was a great idea.  Honestly, though, I was already preparing for how I would explain to my son sometime in the next few days that God really does hear our prayers even though Fluffy’s location still hadn’t been revealed. 
A couple of days go by.  Isaac says nothing more about the matter.  Then, last night he came tearing down the hall screaming to the top of his lungs.  He had found Fluffy!  He was playing in my bedroom and had decided to get my little reading light and get under my bed and look around in the dark.  So in my bedroom, in the pitch dark he crawls under the bed, flips on the little reading light and what else could the light possibly have illuminated but one tiny little monkey. 
I cannot even describe the child’s excitement.  He was overjoyed, totally thrilled, nearly in tears.  And after screaming “FLUFFY!”  the first thing out of his mouth was this:  “Mommy I prayed to God and I trusted Him and He showed me where Fluffy was!  I knew He would do it!”  He has relived the moment over and over already.  Now he knows for certain that God hears his precious little prayers.  He has learned that he can talk to God about his problems.  He has learned that he can trust God.  Ethan has learned some things too.  Now he has decided to ask God to help him locate his tiny little puppy, Scrispies.  And he has said that he plans on trusting God just like brother did. 
 I have learned several things too.  First, God does hear our prayers, even the little ones that don’t seem to matter much to anyone else.  Second, God reveals Himself to little children in many ways and He doesn’t need an adult to be directly involved in order to make His work known among them.  And third, I need to buy larger stuffed animals!

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