Easter Saturday?

Today is Saturday, the day between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. I think this on this day lots of people “forget” for 24 hours that it is Easter weekend.  These are the words that I always sing in my head on this day- “Low in the grave he lay, Jesus my Savior, waiting the coming day, Jesus my Lord.” It makes my hair stand on end to think of these words on this day every year.  This was the day that the enemy thought he had won. It was the day that all of Jesus’ earthly haters were rejoicing, because they too thought they had won. On this day the believers (and His mother!) were filled with indescribable sorrow. The emotion of this day is incredible! This level of emotion can only be topped by the emotion of tommorow- the day He arose. 
Today is an important day- not because it is the day after Good Friday or the day before Resurrection Sunday- but because today, my Savior laid in a cold, hard tomb, His body beaten and bruised, His humanity crushed. For an entire day the world though it was without Him.  Because of today, tommorow somehow is even greater.


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