Do You Work Here?

I am a plain Jane, one of those people who look like they belong where ever they are.  You know the type.  You stop them in the hardware store to ask them where to find a certain kind of air filter, to which they reply “I don’t work here.”  It happens to me all the time.  I am always mistaken for someone who looks like they know where stuff is.  Truth be told,  I can’t even find my keys in the bottom of my purse half the time.  Here are two of my favorite examples of mistaken identity.

I was flying overseas once on Delta and for some unknown reason I chose to wear khaki pants and a delta blue button down shirt on my journey.  That trip was filled with questions regarding flight information.  In the airports and even on the plane, people asked me questions about arrival and departure times, connecting gate information and the like.  On a funny note, some people had some type of false assurance when the plane ride got bumpy.  I’ve spent alot of time on airplanes and bumpy flights don’t bother me- it’s just par for the course.  On this particular journey many people were assured that we must be okay because the little stewardess up in front of them wasn’t looking concerned during the bumpy ride.   Lesson learned.  Don’t wear blue and khaki when flying Delta. 

Perhaps the funniest occurance of mistaken identity ocurred this morning.  I was loitering around the pharmacy in WalMart waiting on my prescription to be filled when I remembered the kids needed bandaids.  As I stood there contemplating whether they would rather have regular Angry Birds bandaids or Angry Birds in Space bandaids I was approached by a woman who asked me the following question.  “Ma’am, where’s your Ex-lax?”  I was so suprised by the question that I didn’t even tell her I didn’t work there.  I just responded “I don’t know.” I sure hope she found what she was looking for. 

Just for the record, I opted for the regular Angry Birds Bandaids…


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