One Greased Up Kid


My little Ethan has had a rough go of it for the past several days.  At bed time tonight I applied the following things to his body:

An oral antibiotic for an infection in his leg (from a bug bite that got yucky).

A topical antibiotic at the infection site on his leg.

Triple paste on the booty because the oral antibiotic is messing with his tummy which results in a busted up booty.

Vaseline on his botton lip for the big chapped spot that he will not stop licking.

Benedryl cream in various places to cover the poison ivy that he can’t seem to get rid of.

Neosporin on his busted up legs.  He did that yesterday when he fell off the porch.

It takes longer to do all that than it does to bathe and dress him.  But, he is a good little patient and always takes his medicine without complaining.  Isaac has been praying for baby brother every day.  He say’s “Dear God, please help baby brother’s boo boo’s to get better real soon.”  I’ll be so glad when all this stuff heals.  I feel like I am running a pharmacy out of my house.


3 thoughts on “One Greased Up Kid

  1. Sounds like he’s having a really hard time. He probably plays outside a lot. That makes it easier to get all those boo boos. Jonathan has been inside a lot here. It is still in the mid 90’s most of the time, and I can’t take it outside. Hopefully, it will be cooling down some. Hope Ethan’s soon feeling better. Take it easy! You are such a good mom!

  2. Hey Jennifer!!!! Just wanted to follow up and say a bajillion thank you’s for allowing me to “vent” in the parking lot today while my children forced jelly beans down your boys’ mouths. Have a wonderful Fall Break!

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